Live Event Booking

Trusted by 45,000+ bars, clubs, restaurants & venues large and small. 

Let us book & promote your events at no extra cost or DIY with our app.

Trusted by 45,000+ bars, clubs, restaurants & venues large and small. 

Let Us Book & Promote

We do the hard work and it won't cost you an extra dime. Ever.


How does it work? Simple! 

Call us at 1-88-216-SHOW or send us a message here

Tell us your budget and what entertainment you need

We'll take it from there and boost your sales 3x-10x

What do you get for no additional cost? Lots! 

We'll boost your event night sales 3x-10x

Mobile, web, social media and in-store promotion

Dedicated social media expert to post weekly events for you

We handle all aspects of booking and promotion

You pay us for the talent and we pay artists and handle tax forms


We book and promote live music, DJ's, trivia, karaoke, open mics,

music bingo & more

Or DIY Book events at your venue using our simple app 

Book musicians in any genre along with DJ's, comedians, open mic, trivia, karaoke and more.

Infinite Scheduler lets you book a year's worth of events with 1 click. 

Book your artists or any artist anywhere in the world right now, whether they've signed up yet or not.

Discover over 104,000 artists & hosts

Eliminate headaches like cancellations, payment disputes and double bookings.

Calendar widget promotes all your shows on our mobile app, your site and social media.

Manage multiple venues or stages with one account. If you're a pro booking agent, this is mission control.

Send custom contracts which artists can sign digitally.


Introducing Infinite Scheduler 

Book a year's worth of events with just 1 tap.

Create a talent pool of your favorite artists and Infinite Scheduler will send gig offers until all dates are filled.

Tell Infinite Scheduler how to book your artists, sit back and relax.

Cancellations can be automatically rescheduled.

No phone calls, no emails, no spreadsheets, no problems.

Promotion made simple

ShowSlinger's Calendar Widget and mobile app displays your events all over the web automatically.

Your business site, social media, the artist's site and the mobile app all promote your shows.

Stop wasting precious time updating calendars.

Local fans get notified when you book an event.

Save money

Book the right talent every time.

Feedback profiles show which bands are the best for your venue.

Don't ever waste money "trying out" an act.

Venues can rate artists after a gig.

Don't ever waste money "trying out" an act.