Pay your rent with the DigiTip Jar for performers!

True story, there is this very talented artist I know, her name is Ashley and she lives in Atlanta. She does some original gigs and some covers.. She was playing on the patio at a local cover gig in Atlanta at a popular trendy Mexican restaurant. I read her Facebook post when she took a set break. To paraphrase, it was something like, "OMG- some guy who looks like a bum just stole all the money out of my tip jar while I was playing". She said the thief absconded with about $100. While this isn't the norm, it struck me as awful in a whole number of ways. Now there's a way to securely get tips AND double or triple your tips every night.

Introducing the ShowSlinger DigiTip Jar! I can't write a blog post without mentioning my own company's features, right?!

Did you know that 50% of the crowd at your gigs doesn't carry cash? Yup, you're missing out on 50% of the money you could be making! So, how does the DigiTip Jar work? Well, we included a handy video with this blog post. For those of you who like to read....

Imagine you're an artist playing on stage at your favorite venue. Your favorite fan with the crazy beard walks in the door and he gets a notification on his phone that you're on stage and your profile pops up like magic with a big button that says "Tip/Request". He checks out your set list, sends you a tip and your phone lights up on your music stand with a notification saying that you just got tipped $25 to play Sweet Home Alabama. Again. Well, hey, it's still a tip! You get paid by PayPal after the gig and you don't have to worry about getting robbed.

Crazy Beard settles in for a nice drink and checks out the songs that other people have requested. He sees a list and decides to stay for an extra drink or two to hear the other tracks and possibly chat up the blonde cutie that requested, Kings of Leon, "Sex on Fire". Now it's a real world social app. Oh, and when you book your next gig through ShowSlinger, Crazy Beard and all the people who tipped you will get automatic notifications about your upcoming gigs because you're now automatically in their favorites list! Facebook and social media are cluttered, ShowSlinger creates a more meaningful experience with your fans.

Boom! That's the experience we created.

ShowSlinger's DigiTip Jar is a true digital tip jar. Meaning, a fan can request a song off of your set list while at a live gig and give you a tip if they choose. Our platform accepts Apple Pay, PayPal, Google Wallet and you can even take a picture of your credit card to tip artists! Sure, there are a million sites out there that allow you to "tip" artists. But, ours is a true tip jar that gets artists to play your favorite song while you chill in the crowd.

As we built this feature, we tested it up the wazoo. What we found was astonishing but makes perfect sense now. Only a certain percentage of a given crowd will use the DigiTip Jar. Say you've got 50 people in a bar on Tuesday night, about 10-15 people with use the app. Fair enough, some people aren't paying attention, some are on dates, others are drowning their sorrows, etc.

BUT, when I used the DigiTip Jar the first time, I was shocked that strangers who didn't know me, the company, etc. were on average requesting 4-5 songs each and plunking down a total of $20+ each. I usually make $100-$150 with a small crowd on a weekday night. That night I did about $300+. And yes, we see this same phenomenon with tons of artists in all genres, venues, cities, etc. night after night. When people see your set list, they can't just pick one. They'll keep going and going.

So, wouldn't you like to double or triple your tips tonight? Add up all the tip money you made last month. If you triple that, would it pay your car payment, rent, mortgage or credit card bills? Hell yes! If we helped you do that, all of this is worth it! We want you making more money so you can keep performing and creating great art!

And that's our goal: to help artists make a better living. Is the DigiTip Jar going to bump you into a higher tax bracket....probably not. But you're already playing the gigs, why not make more at each event while building your fanbase? Don't leave money on the table, people!

Thanks for reading and, because I love you all, use this PROMO CODE: OPENMIC45 to use the DigiTip Jar for 45 days FREE. If you do even one gig a month, it's totally worth it!

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