Taking it to the airwaves - It's GOING TO GET LOUD!

I'm going to be a hosting a radio show on EnterTalk radio, a leader in music business broadcasting on Tuesday, 11/15/16. Click here to take a look! It's an internet based radio show every week from 4-5pm EST on Tuesdays every week. You'll find it on the "Show" tab on ShowSlinger.com here.

The focus of my show is going to be about the challenges facing emerging artists. This will be a very open and honest discussion about what artists can do to get to the next level. Whether you're a weekend warrior playing a few gigs a month, a touring veteran or a college kid just starting out, this show is for you!

We're going to tackle lots of pertinent topics in the first few months. Here's a list of the shows that are coming up:

- Then and now, the old industry vs. the new industry.

- How to get gigs for emerging artists.

- Should bands pursue record deals?

- 3 Steps to putting on a successful original gig.

- Local venue owners talking candidly about what they expect from artists and how to approach them for maximum effectiveness.

- Performance rights organizations: which to join and why.

- Touring financials.

- How to put together a killer press kit on a small budget.

We're going to have lots of phenomenal guests including some celebrities, hit makers, local emerging artists, producers and more so be sure to tune in!

I'm excited about the opportunity to help educate emerging artists and I'm sure I'll learn quite a bit myself. We're going to have plenty of fun too! But, above all, this is going to be a very frank discussion about the business. We're not going to paint a sunny picture or blow sunshine up your ass. We're going to get down and dirty about the real business, what it takes to succeed and how you can achieve your goals whatever they may be! My blog will also coincide with the radio show as well so please check back here for updates. Peace out!

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