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I'll probably never again do 2 posts in one day, but I thought the first one just looked lonely all by itself.

I'll keep this short-ish.

My Name is Paul Nikolas and I'm in my early 30's. I'm a classically trained pianist, percussionist, vocalist, guitarist and bassist. I've written over 350 songs and all the instrumentation. I track every part of my tunes but after that I bring in a tremendous rhythm section to overdub my parts with tastier ones and have a phenomenal producer bringing it all together.

I've been on tour all over the US, Mexico and Caribbean, I've played in a ton of different ensembles:

- High school drumline (captain, snare) / GA Tech drumline (captain, snare).

- All state symphonic bands / orchestras (percussion).

- I've played piano since age 4.

- Rock bands (on drums and guitar).

- I've fronted my own band for 15 years. We've done many tours, hundreds of shows from the

biggest shit holes on this planet to some of the nicest halls around.

- I've been in jazz combos on the kit.

- I've done more solo / band cover gigs than I can remember.

- This year I'm doing about 210-220 gigs.

I went to GA Tech and graduated then hit the road full time. I've got some crazy stories and I'd sure like to hear yours as well! Those might be for another post though!

After touring for years and feeling the pain of trying to get traction, I got off the road, made another record and took a lucrative white collar job. But my heart and my passion will forever be writing, recording and performing live music. So I kept playing out locally in my hometown of Atlanta, GA. Then, being good at booking gigs, I started helping artists book their gigs and working for some local venues to find them the right artists. Then, I hired a few people. Finally, I realized that I could just build an online platform to do all the busy work related to booking.

And, wouldn't it be the shit if we could find a way to automatically schedule all these great artists without them having to call me to coordinate calendars? So I built it and we launched about 4 years ago! Fast forward to today and WAY too much money later, I'm proud to have unleashed ShowSlinger and all it's cool features (the Infinite Scheduler, the DigiTip Jar and FanFunding and tons more) to the world!

. I didn't want to go because I wanted to tour and I thought that not having a backup plan would force me to be successful as a musician. Looking back, those 4.5 years were the most miserable time in my life.

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