MXN Call Script

Sales Rep Call Script (Mexico Reps)


  • Hi, can I speak to the GM please?

    • [If not available]

      • Ok, do you know when the GM will be back in?

      • What is their name again?

      • And what’s his / her email please? I’ll send the email they were requesting.

        • This is IMPORTANT, you must gather as many emails as possible. We will send out weekly blasts using this info. You will still get the commission if a sale happens as a result of an email you collect.

      • Ok, thanks, I will call back then.

  • (Gatekeeper) What’s this about? Who can I ask is calling?

    • This is ________, I’m just calling back. Can you grab them for me please?



  • Hi (customer name), my name is ______ and I was wondering if you guys might be interested in doing some live entertainment there like trivia, live music, open mics to help boost sales?

  • Great! My company, ShowSlinger, is a one-stop-shop for booking and promoting all live entertainment at no additional cost to you! We do events like trivia, DJ’s, live music and karaoke. Let me ask you a question:

    • Are you currently doing trivia or any other live entertainment?

      • How much are you spending? What nights?

    • Are you looking to do any live entertainment?

      • What kind of entertainment? DJ’s/trivia/karaoke/live music/open mic

      • When are you looking to start?

  • We handle everything end-to-end and have very unique ways to promote the events on the web, in-store and on our mobile app to help boost sales. We typically see an increase of 3-10 times sales on our event nights. Let me ask you another question:

    • What’s the budget – just a ballpark? / Do you have a budget in mind-just a ballpark?


  • Great! What I’d like to do is send you over a quick video that shows you how our service works to boost those sales. It’s probably easiest if I just text it to you. What’s the best number for you? (if they refuse then just ask: “what’s the best email for you”)


  • Go ahead check the video out today- it’s just a few minutes- and I’ll call you back tomorrow at the same time does that sound good?

    • [Get specific time to call back after they have watched the video]

    • Ok, perfect, I’ll call you back at X day and Y time but I think you’ll be very excited once you see the video and how we can help you out!


  • Have a great day!



Common Questions/Objections:


  • How much is trivia?

    • Right now we’re running a special for $200 / wk. plus a $25 bar tab for the host and you’ll see about a 3-8 times increase in sales. We have online, mobile and in-store promotion that helps get more customers in the door than anyone else.


(you can sell trivia for $125-$250, so try and get as much as you can)


  • How much do sales increase during trivia / how do I justify the cost?

    • We typically see sales increase 3-10 times versus the cost of the event after the first few events, so it definitely has a solid ROI. There’s a reason every bar and restaurant in the country does trivia, right? It never misses!


  • What are the best nights to do trivia?

    • We see nationwide that Tuesdays and Wednesdays tend to be the most successful nights for trivia.


  • I already have a trivia guy / company

    • Sure, I completely understand. How much are you paying right now? (If we can do the trivia for less than what they’re paying now, tell them a price and push them to accept it). We can save you some money by doing it for $X. Plus you get the huge benefit of our online, mobile and in-store promotion to get more new customers in the door. Doesn’t that sound good?


  • How does trivia work / what is the next step?

    • It’s simple! Our energetic hosts will plug into your sound system and will discuss prizes with you before the first event. There’s no long-term contract or anything to sign but we do require at least a 4 week trial period so you can see the full benefits. Can we go ahead and get you started?


  • How much does the entertainment cost (other than trivia)?

    • It depends on the type of entertainment, the day of the week, how many hours, the market you’re in, availability of host, etc. Do you already have an established budget?

    • Ok, the nationwide average for (entertainment type) is about $X per event but it definitely has a solid ROI, which is why tons of bars, clubs and restaurants do it.

    • Let me go ahead and send you the video so you can check it out.


  • What types of entertainment do we book?

    • Trivia, karaoke, open mic, music bingo, games, comedy, live music such as bands/solo artists/DJs, magicians, and more!

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