Objections & Rebuttals


Objections & Rebuttals

Watch the videos below to see how you should handle common customer objections.

Understanding Common Questions/Objections

During your call, the GM or owner will ask you questions about our service. You'll need to be able to quickly provide the appropriate response. You'll see each of the common questions/objections and their rebuttals at the end of the script in your Google Drive folder.

These videos will give you context behind each of these so you understand why you're saying what you're saying. For the sake of making calls, you'll need to get familiar with saying each of rebuttals in the questions/objections section on your script. 

How are you promoting ?


- Script:

  • We can promote through the mobile app and calendar widget automatically. I'll send you a video that shows you in detail how that works. What's the best email for you?


Can you come to my venue and talk to me in person? 


- Script:

  • Well, I don’t have a rep in your city right now but we do have lots of local talent. The reason is because we work nationwide. If we had sales reps in every city we’d have to charge you a huge monthly fee for that overhead and we don’t want to do that! How about we do a quick video call, that way you can see that we’re real people. And don’t worry all of our performers are local and they can come in and talk to you before the gig. I’ll set that up. Does that sound fair?

I just want to try one event.

  • You know, you really won’t see any benefits from doing 1 event. The reason is that we build solid crowds over time. Even one great event won’t help you in the long run. And we also get better prices for you from the host when it’s booked weekly. And when your customers have a great time at the gig and they want to come back next week but we have nothing booked, you lose all momentum and we don’t want that to happen. We want to keep building the crowds for years to come. Does that make sense?

Can I get the first event free?

  • No, sorry we don’t do free events just like you wouldn't give out free food and drinks to your customers. We’re a legitimate nationwide company and we put a lot of man hours and money into the first event. But that’s also a reason we don’t have contracts – we want you to feel comfortable. You can cancel at any time, but I promise that won’t happen. If you’re going to do it right, give it a solid 4-6 weeks and I promise you won’t be disappointed. Does that sound fair?


How is the service free?

- Script:

  • We make money in a few ways, we have strategic advertising partnerships with major manufacturers (like Taylor, Orange, Yamaha, Line 6, etc.) that advertise directly on our platform.

  • We make money on subscriptions. Artists can choose to pay a subscription fee for certain bells and whistles (if they want), they can most certainly use our system for free though.

  • Our system also takes a small transaction fee from the digital tip jar, fanfunding and events. Again, all of this ensure that we can provide our services within your budget.

    • IF asked how much is the transaction fee?

      • It varies based on a ton of factors, but since we are a nationwide company, the fees are nominal since work with so many events.

    • IF asked do you take a cut from the artists?

      • Yes, and that’s been the industry standard forever. But, with us it’s less because we have the other revenue streams and we’re sensitive to the artist’s and venue’s needs. If they ask how much is the transaction fee, see above.


3rd Party Booking Agent 


- Script:

  • We offer to handle everything end-to-end, as well as promoting, again at no cost.

  • Is there any room for improvement with your current guy, there’s always room for improvement, right?

  • How are they doing promoting?


How do Artists Get Paid


- Script:

  • You pay ShowSlinger and our system automatically pays the artists 24 hours after they complete each gig.

  • We accept credit cards or check payments based on your preference.

    • If it’s a payment by check, we send invoices 30 days before the coming month’s events to make sure the funds have time to clear.

    • If the payment is by credit card, the card is debited 10 business days before each event by our system. 90% of our clients prefer cards because it doesn’t tie up funds as much and it’s way easier from your end.

    • CLIENTS MAY NOT PAY THE ARTISTS IN CASH AT THE GIG. The payments must come to ShowSlinger.


We like our Artists 


- Script:

  • That’s great! We can definitely keep booking your existing artists as well as add new artists to freshen up the rotation. We work within your budget to find you the best talent and keep the artists you love.


Just Send Me an Email 


- Script:

  • Absolutely, I can definitely send you an email with more information. The best thing to do though is setup a time to do a quick online demo so I can actually show you everything works; once you see our software, you’re going to be very excited! What would be a good time to do a demo this week?


What's the deal with ASCAP/BMI Fees


- Script:

  • That’s a great question! ShowSlinger does NOT pay for ASCAP or BMI fees. However, I will note that down and have my manager answer all your questions during the online demo.


Side note: ASCAP and BMI are unions that represent musicians. They try to shake down venues to get them to pay "licensing fees" for artists that play cover music.


Question about the Draw


- Script:

  • ShowSlinger cannot guarantee a draw, nor should anyone. However, we have very unique ways to handle promoting to get more booties in the door and keep them there.





Real Life Examples

Listen to these calls to see how the script sounds with real prospects.

Mr. Gatti's - Unknown Artist
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Taco Cabana - Part 1 - Unknown Artist
00:00 / 00:00
Unknown Track - Unknown Artist
00:00 / 00:00


You have just learned how to pitch our booking and promoting services! Wow! You're ready to start getting some clients and earning some sweet commission. Practice reading through the script and saying each line. Do this over and over so that it's very comfortable to you. Once you get good at doing that, grab a partner or a friend and practice some more. 

In the next section, you will learn about documenting the calls that you make and then you'll be ready to get started!

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