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How does it all work?

Working with Warner Entertainment Consulting is extremely easy. If you're an event planner, you call us first when your client needs

our services. We can consult with either you or your client. After we have an initial review, you'll be assigned a personal Entertainment Consultant, Consider us as your employee that's devoted to your entertainment needs. 

We'll determine your needs and find the right live entertainment, videographers, photographers, etc. Whether your client has an idea in mind or not, we'll set the up with the best people at the best prices. Guaranteed.

The best part for wedding and event planners is that you don't have to contact dozens of artists or deal with the headaches of booking agencies or multiple vendors anymore. One call to your Entertainment Consultant will get the job done.. 


We handle contracts, riders, logistics, negotiations, client consultations and more. 

What is ShowSlinger? And why should I choose Warner Entertainment?

ShowSlinger, LLC. is our parent company that invested over $1,000,000 developing the ultimate app to book and manage artists. The ShowSlinger web and mobile app is a DIY platform that connects music venues like bars, club and restaurants with artists and fans using very sophisticated booking and promotional tools. 


Warner Entertainment Consulting is a boutique firm that procures entertainment for weddings, corporate, special events or any occasion using the ShowSlinger platform to increase efficiency. Warner Entertainment provide a hands on approach to customizing a unique live music and entertainment experience for your customers or your event. From the most lavish of events to the most modest and intimate settings, let Warner Entertainment Consulting book your next band, DJ or entertainer at no cost to you. LEARN MORE ABOUT THE COMPANY

How much do your services cost us?

Nothing! Zero. Nada. No contracts, no hourly fees or anything. We take a small percentage from each booking, but it's much smaller than a booking agency or any other company so we can pass the savings on directly to the event planner or their clients.

Who can use Warner Entertainment services?

Wedding and event planners, companies or individuals looking to book any event with live music, DJ's and more. Our Entertainment Consultants will do all the heavy lifting for you, just tell us what you want! We even handle live entertainment for bar / bat mitzvahs, college parties, Greek life parties, private events, festivals and more.

Do I have to sign a contract to work with Warner Entertainment?

No. We don't need contracts because we believe in offering superior service to make sure we are the first and last call you ever make when you need live entertainment for an event. We are a one stop shop for event and wedding planners or anyone else looking to book entertainment, videographer, photographers, lighting, etc. There is an agreement once you choose a vendor, but there is no contract for Warner Entertainment to get started working for you.

What's the difference between Warner Entertainment and run-of-the-mill booking agencies?

There are drastic differences between Warner Entertainment Consulting and those other guys.


Booking agencies represent bands that they try to push on people. We work directly for you, the event planner, business or person that is planning an event. Booking agencies take a big bite out of the artist's pay because they work the old school way: inefficiently.


They make tons of phone calls, deal with lots of paper, spreadsheets, emails, etc. Warner Entertainment is powered by the ShowSlinger booking app so we can work with many more events while still offering a customized personal touch for each and every event. Since our overhead is so low, we only take a modest booking fee for each event and pass on any savings to the event planner or client.


Booking agencies have small rosters. Even the "largest" traditional booking agencies have less than 800 artists. Warner Entertainment has over 25,000 artists on our ShowSlinger app. And, even if you want an act that is not signed up, we can still get them. From large national touring acts to local folks, we can get it all for less!

What if my client already has an act in mind, can you book them?

Yes and yes! Just give us the name and we'll contact the act directly to get you the best price. We know how to negotiate with acts to get the fairest price for all involved, even if they're not in our database of 25,000 acts.

Can Warner handle full production for my event (sound, stage and lighting)?

Yes. We produce live shows up to 5,000 people. We contract with all the appropriate parties to produce the show. From sound, stage and lighting to catering, security and permits, we do it all!

Do we have to make a deposit to secure an act or other contractor?

Yes. Warner Entertainment will invoice the deposit amount of 25%-50% based on the price. Deposits are non-refundable. The reason deposits are non-refundable is that the acts themselves may need to buy or rent extra gear for an event. They also need to hold that date open for you. Deposit and final payments are made to our parent company, ShowSlinger, LLC.


Email: info@showslinger.com

Call: 800-216-SHOW (7469)


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