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Make your event memorable with unique experiences for your guests. 

Keep people talking long after they leave.

Add additional experiences to really make your event stand out

Choose from any of our options below to really make your event a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Have an idea for an experience not on our list? Contact us today and we can find what you're looking for quickly and within your budget.


LED products, maracas, party fedoras, sunglasses and glow necklaces are just some of our giveaways. Add another level of interactivity and pair these dance floor goodies with our black lights to make your room—and your photos—pop! Imagine seeing your uncle or boss in any of these party favors. You’ll remember your event was fun forever!


Allow us to make your ballroom “pop” with excitement!  Imagine ten or more LED lighting fixtures strategically surrounding your room, allowing us to control the color scheme and creating the perfect ambiance that you want.  If you choose, we can change the color of the room to match the bridesmaids’ dresses or just make it your favorite color.


Do you want an active dance floor with enough light to get the party started, but also want to maintain the ambiance of your event space? Our dance floor lighting is the perfect solution. A simple fixture allows us to put moving and textured lighting on your crowd without disrupting the rest of the room. This is fully controlled by the DJ and can be turned on and off based on the context of your event.


Immediately wow your guests as they enter your ballroom to see your wedding monogram in bright lights on the dance floor with one of our Monogram Projectors. We’ll customize the design of the monogram for any event with name, date, message, or even a company logo. Ask us about the many ways we can use and display an exciting monogram or logo at your event!


Looking to shape the ambiance of your room? Do you want a particular color or mood lighting but aren’t interested in the presentation of LED uplighting? Do you want to fill your tented wedding or event with a color-controlled lighting solution? Our ceiling washes are an excellent answer! Multiple fixtures (typically four) will completely wash the ceiling of your room or tent in the precise color and brightness you desire. Want interactivity? We can even program these lights to bounce with the music!


The lights go dim…the room is dark…and now it is time to party!  Our black light show is an amazing way to make your wedding rise above all others.  The equation is easy  Take a dark room, add our very powerful UV lights, then sprinkle in white gloves and illuminating giveaways.  Our creative MCs will mix these all together and build a unique interactive experience.


With our Reel Memories LED Screen package, you can have your entire event projected right onto 70 inch LED screens! See the fun of your dance floor live in HD from anywhere in your room. We will also produce your “video photo album”—a slideshow set to music—and have a photographer take candid zap shots throughout the evening. Both slideshows play at dinner or dessert, so your guests won’t miss a thing.


Do you want to show a video or slideshow presentation, but aren’t interested in having LED screens persistently at your event? Consider our Show & Go Projector Screen! Our event technicians will set up a large-format projector screen on-the-fly, allowing you to display anything you’d like, and then break down the screen after the presentation. Setup and breakdown is quick, guaranteeing that the rest of your event will remain uninterrupted.


Your fairytale day won’t be complete without first dancing on the clouds.  With our low lying fog system, you can do just that.  This is not a smoke machine, it’s a dream machine.  The fog effect does not reach more that 18 inches off the ground.  For a moment you are not on a dance floor, you are floating over the clouds with your husband or wife during your first dance.  This moment that can never happen again, will never be forgotten.  Add the Dancing under the Stars effect and you can turn your event into a dream come true!


Imagine the elegance of your first dance with your partner under a starry sky projected onto the ceiling of your reception hall with our Dancing Under The Stars effect. When paired with Dancing On The Clouds, your first dance will seem pulled straight from a fantasy. Allow your guests to experience the same all night! This effect is small but makes a big impact.


The newest and most exciting atmospheric effect for weddings and events! These sparkler fountains can highlight your introduction to your wedding or shape an eye-catching display for your event. These fountains are 100% flameless, do not produce heat, by generating a “cold spark” display. Fully portable, safe, and controlled by a technician—a guaranteed hit.


Bubbles? Right now you are thinking, “At a wedding?” Exactly! We can use it for a grand entrance or for your first dance. It’s new, it’s different and it leaves an impression. They are guaranteed to carry and, using a special formula, do not easily pop. You and your guests will be amazed as these sweet, non-staining, bubbles shower your room.


This fun, compact photo booth is a great way to make your guests a memorable part of your wedding.  Have your guest choose between color or black & white for their pictures. Each photo strip can be customized to your event, making it a great favor!  Are you tired of guest books that just sit on a shelf collecting dust?  Use our scrapbook instead!  We will print an extra copy of each picture, put it into a scrapbook, and each guest can write a message to you, turning it into your own personalized photo guest book.


Who doesn’t love to take a #selfie? With our Social Booth, your guests can jump in front of a cool backdrop, take and print photos, and share them on social media. Take full advantage of your wedding hashtag and have your guests put those fun and silly photo booth photos directly on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. This booth prints 4″ x 6″ photos, multi-prints, and photo strips.


Custom graphic pictures! Photo Favors are a great way to provide an activity for your guests, while also yielding a favor for them to take home. Our green screen backdrop allows your guests to take a photo in front of the background of their choice. Want a picture in front of the Eiffel Tower or with your favorite movie star? How about having a customized magazine cover on or about your wedding day?  Our custom designed backdrops make the possibilities endless. Packages include 4 x 6″ photos, a custom designed background, and unlimited prints.


A red carpet entrance for your guests will make your event go from greatto glamorous. With our Step & Repeat package, you’ll be able to give your guests a real star-studded experience, combining one of our photo booths with an enormous custom backdrop ready to display your name or logo. Your guests will receive fun photo strips, and we’ll even roll out a real red carpet for them!


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