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ShowSlinger is an app that we use to book artists like you in venues nationwide. We are reaching out to you as we believe you are a good fit for a particular venue. Note that the venue has contracted with ShowSlinger to handle all of their booking needs so you should not contact the GM or venue. ShowSlinger is a tech start-up that was built by a musician to help streamline the entire booking process for venues, artists, and fans.


You're seeing this page because we want to book you now and need you to create a free account so we can send you gig offers!

Why do I need to create a profile?

Creating a ShowSlinger profile:

  • Allows the venue to see who is coming in without searching through hundreds of websites and Facebook pages to see who you are. 

  • Allows the ShowSlinger team to send you gig offers for you to accept or decline.

  • Allows you to check-in at your gigs so our system can pay you after you complete your gig. 

  • Allows our system to help promote you automatically on the web. 

  • Allows you to have access to some pretty cool features. See all the features here.

Pro-Tip: Gigs are often awarded to people who create their profile quickly. So, if it takes you 3 days to create an account, please note that while we try to save the date for you, it's always first come first serve. 

Follow these steps to get your gigs:

1) Create a FREE account using your computer on ShowSlinger by clicking here:

2) Fill out your artist / host profileWe cannot book you until you put up media (pictures, videos, songs, etc) so put your best foot forward. The venues will look at your profile and, if it's empty or looks bad, they may reject you. Plus, our system helps to promote you all over the web so it's to your benefit to put your best foot forward.


Pro-tip: If you are an artist, upload videos that are high-energy or showcase upbeat songs. Most venues are not looking for crying in the corner type of music (even though I know those songs can sometimes showcase your voice better).











3) Send your talent the link to your profile when you are finished.  We will then be able to discuss dates that are available and send you gig offers to accept. Accepted gigs will turn green on the ShowSlinger calendar and lock you in on that date. You may accept gigs on the web or mobile app.

4) Enter your PayPal email address into your account by clicking on "Settings". We pay all artists via PayPal, NO exceptions. All artists and hosts get paid within 24-48 hrs. after the gig ends. This means that you do not have to wait around to get paid when you are done as your payment will go directly into your PayPal account.


Don't have a PayPal account yet? It's fast and free to set one up. Click here.


5) Download the ShowSlinger mobile app. You will need the mobile app to check-in to your gigs. You may check in to your gig 30 minutes before your gig start time while at the venue. Note - you have to be at the venue in order to check-in. Should you have any problems, please let your talent scout know.



 We're giving you gigs so it would be super awesome if you could show us a little love and rate our app. 

DONE! You are now ready to rock!


  • Can I get paid in cash instead?

    • No, our system is built to pay you via PayPal. ​You get paid 24-48 hours after your gig. Please remember to check-in on the mobile app or you may not get paid.

  • Are there any other gigs in my area?​

    • If there are any other gigs looking for your style of work and are still open, your talent rep will let you know. ​We add new clients every week and once you're in the system, we'll be able to reach out when the time is right. 

  • Will my talent rep be at my gig?

    • While we love to come out to gigs, we are not able to make it to all of them. It really just depends on ​the location of your gig. 

  • Can I do my own promotions?​

    • Yes and you should! You always need to promote your gigs on social media and even create flyers if possible. Telling your friends to join you at your gig is the best way to keep the venue doing live entertainment.  Venues have to see great sales during your gig, so a good draw is always key!

  • What if I need to cancel my gig?​

    • Whoa! If you need to cancel your gig, you should find someone to fill in for you. ​Cancelling a gig last minute without finding your own back-up will cause problems for your talent scout and you will likely not be booked again (unless, of course, it was an emergency or something unavoidable). If you do have to cancel, it is courteous to find your own replacement. 

  • I have friends who want gigs, can you book them too?​

    • If they fit the genre we are looking for at that particular venue, then yes by all means let us know. We are always looking for new artists and will be glad to see what we can do!​

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